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Happy House Day-includes babble for Dr. Who-Waters of Mars

Had my doctor's appointment his AM for the dizzy/nausea thing. Actually started getting an attack on the way up the hill but it never quite went to full blown world spinning. Dr. Chin checked me out, asked some question and basically referred me to an ENT, so I have another appointment tomorrow.

Since the ribs are still too sore for any exercise, I went to Safeway to pick up some groceries so I can cook dinner for hubby, and then came home to watch the new Dr. Who special.

Wow! That was some seriously gross-out make up and some amazing acting by David Tennant especially in the last five minutes. I really loved the way he was adorably cocky, frighteningly arrogant, and heart wrenchingly angsty all within a few seconds. I know I've been critical of him at times for letting the fanboy show through the Doctor, but I think he hit this one out of the park.

Dark. Definitely dark, although not as bleak of CoE.

Totally psyched for the finale episodes.
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