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Awesome Karaoke night last night.

Julie "I Love" Parris and her husband, Dave!
David O.
Jim & Yanni! (And Yanni's awesome shag hair-do wig.)
Quiet Linda
Daddy Dave!
And a special guest appearance by RICH!!!! Yes, RICH!!!! My honey, my baby, my ragtime doll! He was only three weeks late for my Birthday and didn't stick around to sing, but he did bring me a present...two CD's by David Campbell, who I've never heard of, but am definitely looking forward to hearing.

Also, since Rich is the model for a major character in the NOVEL, this is definitely a SIGN that it's time to get the last of the bunny droppings off my desk and reallyreallyreally get focused

With all these wonderful people, I didn't get to sing much, but it didn't matter. I did write an outline for my [info - community] yuletide fic.

Song list
A Good Heart-Feargal Sharkey
This Could Be The Start of Something Big-Steve & Eydie. (Duet with Peggy)
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