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Updates and stuff

Four doctor's appointments and one hearing test later, we know...absolutely nothing. The ENT, Dr. Rust, advises that there are more tests we can do, or I can talk to a neurologist. However he says both of those options might be "low yield." (Yes, he actually said that.) So right now I'm going with wait and see. And making sure I have Meclizine with me, even if I'm not sure it actually does anything once the process starts.


Yesterday I went to the 24 Hour fitness on Potrero Hill. Worked out and got in some hot-tub time. Delicious. Ribs are feeling much better, although it still hurts when I sneeze.


I've finished listening to The Hippopotamus on audio-book, the first one I've ever gotten through. I liked it a lot, and especially listening to Stephen read it. It's even funnier since the protagonist is an aging roue. If any of the Stephen lovers out there has read it and would like to discuss, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


I got my eyebrows waxed. Nothing dramatic. I have a good natural line; I just like to have it cleaned up from time to time.

While waiting for this morning's appointment, I sat outside at Davies Medical Center, which has a spectacular view and made a start on my [info - community] yuletide fic. I continue to be fearful and excited. Most fearful because I'm not sure I can find a beta who will consider themselves sufficiently up to speed on the canon as it were. If someone is willing to look down that lonesome road with me, at least in terms of typos and punctuation, give me an email or a PM and we'll discuss.


Got to see one of my favorite Gibbs/Fornell NCIS eps yesterday. Will somebody Pu-lease make me a fanvid of all the elevator scenes for Gibbs/Fornell, as well as Gibbs/Everybody to Love In an Elevator? I'm pretty sure he's had an elevator scene with every single major character and some of the minor ones.

Seriously, no matter how many times I see the same time episodes, every time Gibbs and Fornell go in there and start (ahem) banging the button, I keep waiting for the hot sex, or at least a hot snog. It never happens. :(
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