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It's a gorgeous day by the Bay today. I hate my job, but I love my City.

Sing it with me people:

When the lights go down in the City
And the sun shines on the bay
I want to be there in my City
ooh, ooh

Hubby was off last week, so he could go to various events that were being held as part of the (I'm not making this up kiddies) The San Francisco Festival Of The Mandolins which was lovely except that
1. I'm not used to having him underfoot on my weeknights, especially not HOUSE NIGHT and
2. I wound up going to see more mandolin music than I normally would in a week. Monday was bluegrass, which I wound up not seeing due to timing issues, but had to schlep up Valencia street to Amnesia to find out about the timing issues. Thursday was Neopolitan music in North Beach, where we ate bad pizza, worse cheesecake and got soaked in the rain trying to get a cab home. Saturday afternoon we went up to Plough&Stars for Irish Music, which was mostly a backdrop to a day of writing devoted to RPS.
For those of you waiting for the new Hugh&Bobby chapter, much progress was made. The Who concert (and aftermath) will be covered in full.

So, back to House Night. I've developed a ritual including (the easily disturbed should cover their eyes for a second) watching American Idol and then chatting on the computer with a few of my fellow Housefraus while watching the show in REAL TIME. Note that phrase-REAL TIME. It should be noted that Hubby loves House but hates commercials. Reallyreallyreally hates commericals. He wanted me to hold off watching the show until the Tivo was about 10 minutes in or so, so we could zap commercials as we went. He was totally not getting the REAL TIME aspect of the endeavour. I must not have adequately explained the situation cos he thought I was being a bitch by refusing to do it his way. He then proceded to thoroughly piss me off, by stopping the Tivo at various junctures to point out medical inaccuracies. (Medical innacuracies on House? I'm shocked, shocked.) It got to be a bit of a tiff, and I'm just has happy that the Houseparty will proceed this week without his presence.

Hubby did more mandolin stuff on Sunday and then joined me for Karaoke at the Mint. For those who don't know, hubby's schedule has changed to Mon/Tue/Wed night instead of Sun/Mon/Tue. What this means in practical terms is that I can do Karoake on Sundays at 4PM to 8PM instead of having to wait until Hubby is fed and out of the house, which means I was getting there around 7PM and staying till 9PM or 10PM.

I got to see Peggy and Sebastian and some of my other buds. It was a nice, mellow, Sunday afternoon crowd, and I got a lot of songs in:
Something's Happening-Hermans Hermits
Pretty Flamingo-Manfred Mann
My Blue Heaven-Standard (which needs work, but will be lots of fun if I can find a good key for it.)
Hot Fudge-Robbie Willians
Under The Moon of Love-Showaddywaddy
Loves Gonna Live Here Again, which is an old Buck Owens tune that I like to sing for Daddy Dave, the KJ who is a major old country fan. He was telling us all about seeing Willie Nelson at the Fillmore.

Meanwhile the race is on and here comes pride up the backstretch to see if I can finish a birthday fic that is driving me crazy. Karaokegal does not admit defeat in the face of impossible pairings or strange dynamics, but this one is IS driving me crazy.
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