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Back at work...it must time for a PIMP POST!!!!

Go check out the awesome prompts at consci_fan_mo, and get ready to write your way through December in delightful bite-sized morsels.


Torchwood/Dr. Who

Half The Battle by ivy03
This is one of the great Torchwood J/I angst classics, going by the number of comments and I'm surprised I hadn't read it until it was recced to me by beta_goddess. Posted back in 2008. Classic real!Jack, screwing everyone and being his wonderfully bastard self about it. Ianto is clearly BUFT in this, and the attempt to nicey-nice it at the end, doesn't take away from that at all because Jack is still Jack and he will continue to be Jack. Awesome stuff, including some great Owen/Ianto interaction.

What You Need by loveslashangst
Ninth Doctor/John Hart-NC17
Hot hot and more hot. Very dark and complex Nine. And best of all-NON-WOOBIE JOHN!!!

The Driest Martini In The Galaxy by wiredblowfish
Yummy hurt/comfort drunken sex! A pairing that actually makes sense. I'm always up for some Ianto/ABJ, and this works beautifully, especially fragile, but still sexually passionate Tosh.

Two from the vaults-
Ambush and Ennui
Master/Ten. Hot smutty smut smut by haldane. If you haven't read either of these before and you like your Master/Ten on the hot, dark and evil side, please go over and give a read and a comment.

Free Agents by lefaym
Jack/Tenth Doctor-PG13
Hell to the yeah for my OTP and some real!Jack in the flesh, with the inevitable angst. Written pre-CoE, and incredibly prescient.

Unrequited by cookiesofkarma
Tosh fic from a Song Lyric Prompt.
So sad, but very very beautiful. Much as I'd like to fanwank that Tosh and Owen could have made it work if time hadn't run out, I don't necessarily believe it, and this fics cuts deep in showing just why. Go. Read. Give love.


House MD
Too Many Heavy Boots
House/Wilson friendship-PG13
Oooooohhhhh----Sad and dark with plenty of Heroes references and a turn at the end I didn't see coming. 673 devastating words. I loved this so much, I can't even tell you.



50 Ways You Smiled When You Lied
Written for the Fifty Themes-One Sentence community. Those can be hit or miss, but this one really works and has some absolutely stunning images for this pairing. I'm more of an Ari/Anyone girl, but I really enjoyed reading this, and it made me see Vince/Eric more than I ever have.

Star Trek
Someone To Watch Over Me by strawberrytatoo.
A little angst, a little fluff. What can I say; it works.
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