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Happy House Day-and some drive-by TV Babble


What is it with ADD style plot-lines on this show? I still don't understand how we're actually supposed to care about any of the characters when they seem to change interests and characterizations on a dime. So far the only one I'm emotionally connected to is Kurt, even though I know that's total manipulation, and I'm still pretty sure he's not going get anything but hurt in the end. I did actually feel sorry for Quinn, but again, I hate being manipulated by the cliches. Could there possibly be a more cringe-worthy song ever written than "Having My Baby" and no, Finn did not in any way redeem it. Also, an episode without Sue sucks.

Numb3rs-Con Job

Ok, that was fun, even if it was pretty clear where they were going all along. It was nice to get a fairly light episode with virtually no emo-whinging from any of the Eppes men. Was it me or was Colby totally missing in action?

Bones-The Foot In The Foreclosure

Ralph Waite was adorable, and I wouldn't mind seeing more of his character. I loved the way he interacted with all of the cast members. David Boreanz did some really good subtle work in their scenes together and it's one of the few "personal" stories I've warmed up to. I even liked the revolving intern who doesn't like the personal stuff opening up a little.

The main plot...if it was the main plot...about the "feeders and eaters" not so much. I hate it when shows like this do any kind of subculture thing. (CSI-Furries, Bones-Pony Play, Numb3rs-Comic Book Fans) It's always slightly demeaning and sometimes not so slightly.

Heroes-Brother's Keeper

Welcome back, Mohinder. All together now: SHUT THE FUCK UP, MOHINDER! You couldn't get through a whole episode without being an idiot? Really?

Also, why is it that though I prefer my men clean-shaven, Sendhil Ramamurthy looks wrong without the layer of scruff?

Speaking of looks---OMG!!! Adrian Pasdar's ass. I'm going to miss Nathan. I'm going to miss Adrian's voice. I'm going to miss the chemistry he has with everybody, and I'm going to miss the Petrellicest vibe, even if they aren't my ship, but honest-to-god, I am SERIOUSLY gonna miss the way that man's ass looks in a pair of suit pants. Note to the TV gods, can you please give me a show that mostly consists of Adrian Pasdar in suits walking away from the camera? Seriously that tuchus is up there with the Barrow-tush and you know that's saying something.

And just when the OMG why am I shipping this bad thing couldn't get any worse, now there's all kinds of Tracy/Claire, which means somewhere in the corners of my mind...Noah/Tracy/Claire. Sorry folks, Tracy/Claire had a lot more oomph going for it than Gretchen/Claire ever did and the "Hello ladies!" when Noah walked in was like a one-way ticket to special hell.

Presumably I should care about Hiro getting Charlie back. Unfortunately I don't. And no, I don't care about poor Mohinder in the psych hospital either, because at least maybe it will force him to SHUT THE FUCK UP!
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