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House babble for Ignorance Is Bliss

House party attended by michelleann68, hllangel, and evila_elf.

I could pretty much stop right there, because I really don't know what to say, but it bears repeating: I LOVE ROBERT CHASE. I love him for telling Taub to STFU about two seconds after I screamed it at the screen. I love him for telling 13 to STFU and I absolutely, positively adore him for punching House, even if height-wise, it's not bloody likely.

I honestly don't know what to say about POTW. Am I supposed to think he's awesome for ruining his brain so he can keep living with a woman he just described as being like a gibbon and House endorsing it by quoting Cameron? (I like that she's still lingering and that House threatened to call her.)

Wilson has gone back to being passive/aggressive regarding House/Cuddy, rather than a cheerleader. Come on Wilson, we know you're as obsessed as House is. Just admit it already.

I have to admit I screamed "You fucking bitch" at Cuddy when the scam was revealed. I fell for House's drunken routine, which had me actually hopeful for more real!House if he was in fact off the wagon enough to be drinking. Then the pills aren't far behind.

I'm still happy that House is a prick, but right now the motivation is eluding me. One minute he's selling that he wants Cuddy and the next, there's just doesn't seem to be a reason. Which is plausible, but not terribly satisfying.

Thank you 13 for being unobtrusive, except for your annoying mascara.

Taub sucks. I'm sorry. I know some of you love him, and I swear to god, he's useless. And Mrs. Taub is an idiot. Taub is even shorter than Chase. Does she REALLY think Taub could punch him out without standing on a stool? Also, if that really turns her on? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

And as for Cuddy...while there were no "hooker clothes" this week, there was also absolutely no attempt to light her in a flattering manner or do much for her on the make-up front. I'm not sure if this being done for dramatic purposes i.e. this is serious stuff now, or just carelessness.

Can I say one more time how much I loved Chase this week, especially in his sweater and especially in the House/Chase scene? My House/Chase guilty pleasure fetish hasn't gone into such high gear since the bowling scene. (Someone write me some House/Chase post-ep fic? Pleasepleasepleaseplease?)

ETA-"You'd be surprised what you can live without?" Deliberate reference to "You'd be surprised what you can live with?" or just a way of saying that House thinks he's "cured" of his Vicodin addiction?

ETA-Gay male nurse rocks! That's a Newbie I wouldn't mind seeing more of.

JOSH MOLINA!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! Especially since I wrote him into a party scene at Lisa E's house in a RPF I wrote last year.

Also...this seems to hinting at a Who's Your Daddy scenario in terms of House having to deal with a ex-boyfriend friend of Wilson's. I'm just hoping the writers give us the subtext or not the fanservice, but I honestly doubt they're capable of doing it anymore. Watch out for falling anvils.
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