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Housebabble-The early edition. NO SPOILERS

I haven't read anybody else's recaps, metas etc and I usually hold off until I've done all that. There will probably be a full-scale Housebabble later today or tomorrow after I have a chance to see the ep againandagainandagain, but I gotta say this right here, right now:

Every single piece of House/Wilson or House/Wilson-related interaction felt like it came out of fanfic, including some of mine. I could literally hear the "companiable silence" that shows up in so much fic to show how comfortable the guys are together.

Have I just lost my mind so much that I can no longer tell the difference between canon and fanon or are the writers now definitely stealing our ideas? Based on this week, I can actually believe a slashy twist as soon as the end of this season instead of all that het stuff that's being dangled out there.
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