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Community pimping

There's a recently formed community called heard_of_it

I'm NOT the creator, but I've found the postings fascinating and figure some you might too, as well as being a forum to discuss your own special fandom that no one else seems to know about.

From the Userinfo:
I have noticed that there are very few places to talk if you like something obscure. This place is it, and who knows, you might find some fellow fans! (Or convert some...)

This is a comm to talk about tv shows, movies, books and live performers, particularly 'non mainstream' ones, as that is what needs attention. So please, no LOTR, Harry Potter, The OC etc, nothing with really big mainstream fandoms already where it is easy to find other fans. Old movies/books/tv shows that have been forgotten by most people count as 'non mainstream'. :) Nostalgia is fun.
Some things that you can do in this community: Try to 'convert' people to liking something that you do. Rave about it, tell us why we should watch/read/listen.

Confirm memories of things you liked in the past, or reminisce.

Ask for recommendations.

Show us clips!

Share photos and stills and screenshots. (behind a cut please, and no pornography)

Post links to communities of fellow fans.

Post up fanfictions, or ask for one to be written, or find a beta. Show us fanart or icons.

Ask for fanfiction writing advice, either about the mechanics of writing, or you could post up stuff about the characters/plots you're writing about (ie, fill us potentially non fans in) and ask for help.

Discuss advertising/conversion strategies.

Update us with gossip about tv shows/movies/books.
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