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House babble for Wilson

"The person you want when you're dying isn't the same as the person you want when you're living."

House-lite episode, presumable to make up for Hugh having to be in every scene of the two hour season opener.

Best thing about the episode: Barely any Taub or 13.

First of all I would like it known that at 842PM, I called that House and Wilson were going to end up in the loft together.

I'm completely nauseated with this episode because it's all fanservice for the schmoopfans instead of subtexty angst. So yes, lovey-dovey, schmoopy-oopy, curtain-buying fluff-fans, you got this week. House was bitchy and scummy and a prick, but it was all for love and nicey-nice and Josh Molina turned out to be a creep.

One can only hope this is not supposed to be a new-and-improved Wilson to compliment new-and-improved-House, since it denies the prickish part of Wilson and buys into the theory that he really is only the nice and caring one, when those of us who've been paying attention know is not the case. What happened to "you manipulative bitch?"

Along the way, we got a "greatest hits" package of Wilson bits, where were either show retreads or fanfic rip-offs or both.

Some notes from the on-line House party attended by michellean68 and evila_elf.

Massive amounts of gay-references staring with House playing a George Michael song, then he comes on all jealous of Wilson's friend, actually stomps into Wilson's bedroom and Wilson pretty much spells it out.

"That's the sort I seem to be attracted to."

Wilson trying to be House. You know that's got to end badly.
Although he gets validated for the "caring" part by noticing the patient's depresion.

"I'm stalking you for you"

Horses vs Zebras-referred to in the pilot.

In the middle of his friend's crisis, Wilson has to play his passive-aggressive game with Cuddy. This week it's clear, he's being the jealous boyfriend.

13 in black-presumably the only way she won't fade into the woodwork because she's so boring.

Fanfic---Nurse helping wilson hide from House.

Oh RSL---your jawline is not what it used to be.

Medical proxy....bad idea

They only have one OR at PPTH?

A hall walk. (Haven't had one of those for awhile.)

Michelle: House has on Wilson's hat. (House hasn't stolen clothing since Love Kills, which is interesting since this scene is a mix of Love Hurts and a bit of showing how Wilson is the kind of manipulation.)

Pigeon sisters-Odd couple reference

House rage was clearly all about jealousy. He hates that Wilson would do this for someone. Not in a good prickish way, but in a schmoopy oopy way. FEH!

Monty Python reference (Argument room.)

"If you die, then I'm alone."

VOMIT VOMIT VOMIT. Yeah, House may actually think that, but outside of really bad fanfic, he would never say that in a zillion years.

The bedside scene was sweet, and felt like the poker scene at the end of All In, but the well was too poisoned for me to actually enjoy it.

Yes, I'm convinced that they immediately had sex in the loft. And I'm not the least interested in reading fanfic about it, unless you can get it back to the dark, angsty, blow-jobs and banter H/W it should have been.

I wish to god that TPTB had no idea about H/W and were only giving us subtext by accident and what Hugh and RSL were putting into it.

No we go on hiatus and I'm not sure I care.
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