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Holiday Drabble #1 Out Of The Frying Pan House MD/Spooks

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Title: Out Of The Frying Pan
Fandoms: House MD/Spooks
Characters: Alison Cameron/Jools Siviter
Wordcount: 100
Rating: G
Notes: Requested by chewy101, who I can always count on to jump on my House Babble the minute it's posted.
Spoilers for Teamwork.

Everything had happened too quickly for Cameron to send out resumes and yet someone already knew she was “available.” Someone with a British accent, who had her cell phone number as well as her employment history. He even mentioned a few of the less-than-scrupulous things she’d done while working for House.

Cameron had no idea what Mr. Siviter meant by “extremely useful skills,” but the offer was intriguing enough for her to book an airline ticket.

She’d already walked away from PPTH, House and Chase; maybe leaving the country was the next logical step.

What did she have to lose?
Tags: cameron, drabble, fanfic, jools siviter, spooks/mi5
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