karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Travel plans for 2010

I'm trying to clear my time off for next year, because the way my company works is you basically have to have all the time off confirmed before the year even starts.

Hubby and I are planning a trip to London, Glasgow and Edinburgh in the spring or summer. As much as we'd love to be in Edinburgh for the Festival, we also wish to avoid the crowds and price gouging that would seem to be inevitable, so I'm trying to schedule two consecutive weeks of vacation that don't overlap (or even come too close to) the 13th of August through the 5th of Sept.

(I know I'm probably nuts, but I really, really hate crowds.)

At least I'm not in the position I was last year, when the air and theater tickets for the SQUEEEEEEE Odyssey had all been booked, and if I didn't get the time off, I was going to have to risk my job to go.

I actually feel back for Bubbles, who has to try and schedule time off for the whole region with only one floater.
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