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"You're The Top" Warehouse 13 fic for Consci_Fan_Mo Chapter 2

Title:You're The Top-Chapter 2
Author: karaokegal
Fandom and/or Prompt: Warehouse 13;Pete, Claudia;artichoke rustydog
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers No spoilers. Takes place during the first season, prior to the events of the season finale. No beta.
Wordcount for this chapter-500
Disclaimer-I'd love to write for this show. If anyone from Sf Fy is reading, please give me a call and I promise not to make fun of your ridiculous name change.

Chapter 1

Claudia sat in the rented Ford Escort, trying not to pick at her nail polish. She gotten the manicure as part of her “going under-cover” look, and then Pete had refused to even let her go into the bar. What a jerk! Like she was the one who’d screw things up. She knew way more about the Warehouse artifacts that he did.

Even listening to her Ipod didn’t help. Why had she ever put Muse and Kanye on the same playlist, she wondered, because right now they were both driving her nuts.

She’d called the Warehouse twice, but Myka refused to grant her authority to go inside and claimed that Artie was “indisposed,” which knowing Artie could mean anything from “in the can” to “hanging out with Amelia Earhart.”

Then, finally, when she was ready to start peeling her own skin off, just for a distraction, she saw Pete come out of the bar. He wasn’t alone and Claudia could tell immediately that something was wrong. For one thing he was completely not looking in the direction of the car. He was with two guys. One was standing right in back of him, and the other…holy guacamole!

She shook her head and blinked a few times. Nope, still the same. It was like George Clooney and Brad Pitt and maybe even Matt Damon had mated and spawned the single most gorgeous man who could possibly exist. Good thing she hadn’t picked at the nail polish. Time to get out and announce her presence.

Then she noticed that he was holding a giant, golden artichoke.

OK, she thought, that’s kind of weird.

Pete seemed equally transfixed by the sight. Claudia had always suspected he might be like that, but it wasn’t her business anyway, although she’d hate to have competition.

Another head shake. Focus. She had to prove she could do this or Artie would keep her locked up in filing for the rest of her life. It was hard though, because the guy was just so…she wanted to get a closer look, but she was absolutely sure that Pete was doing everything possible to keep her safe.

A car, very sleek and black, suddenly pulled into the parking lot, even though Claudia hadn’t heard it. Of course she’d had the volume up pretty high, and then she got distracted. And now she could see that Pete’s hands were being held behind his back and he was getting pushed toward the car.

This was really bad. She gunned the engine to follow, but that thing zoomed out the parking lot like a super-sonic bat out of hell, and Claudia found herself very alone without even a trail to follow.

She really didn’t want to hear Myka get all Mommy Dearest meets Mother Superior when she called into say that she’d lost Pete and whatever it was they were supposed to be after, maybe that big artichoke looking thing.

This time she didn’t have to use a phone to get help.

“Joshua, I need you.”
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