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Rant for Bones-The Gamer In The Grease

I can't be the only one who was really pissed.

OK, I get that this is the era of product placement. The advertisers are trying to get around the FF button on the DVR. Fine. You want to put a can of Coke on the set or have a fly-by mention of some product or TV show or whatever fine? But making "Avatar" a major plot point so much so that it completely over-shadowed the actual murder AND making THREE major characters into SF fanboys who spend five minutes of onscreen air-time drooling over the upcoming movie and schedule their whole day to stand on line for it? What the fuckety fucking fuck? I even have to wonder if rather than being actual character continuity from the SF Convention episode in the last season, that they wrote that episode as a prologue to this one.

I THOUGHT I was pissed off about what felt like a ten minute commercial for Avatar during the House MD episode a few weeks ago, but at least that was a commercial. They didn't have the patient insist that House get him cured because he didn't want to miss the premiere.

This was just seriously egregious and annoying.

Fuck You James Cameron. If I had any inclination to see the movie, which I don't, I really wouldn't want to see it now.

Article attached. OK, I didn't know that the guy who plays Fischer is also in the movie, but that still doesn't justify it.

And don't get me started about the depiction of the SF fangirl as a tattooed slut. (Nothing against tattoos or sluttiness, but do we really need to be reinforcing any of those stereotypes?)


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