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Housebabble-The Real Thing

When this show finally ends and we're left to fanwank about the slashiest episodes ever, "House Training" will certainly be a contender.

I'm not the first person to mention how caught up House was in Bonnie's riveting discussion of Wilson's good-in-bedness, but did anybody else notice that in the next scene back at PPTH, House is chewing on a wooden coffee stirrer. Normally that's Chase's thing, which leads us to all kinds of assumptions about fixations. For House to be doing it immediately after getting all hot and bothered about Wilson is another slashfic right there, including the fact that he really does seem to lose interest in the patient from that point on. Even in "Fools For Love," he managed to balance his Wilson/Wendy obsession with actually trying to cure the patients. This time, it was almost an after-thought, although also a plot device so that Foreman could do the full-body radiation.

Everything we learned about Wilson/Bonnie, especially the whole "marriage falling apart because Wilson paid more attention to House..." Was there a single part of that we haven't already heard on the show and read in fanfic?

I wish that the writers had allowed Bonnie to be something besides annoying and needy. We've already heard the "Wilson is attracted to needy people" spiel. If Bonnie or Julie or anybody else doesn't have something else going for them, then Wilson is really a pathetic, shallow character and saying only his relationship with House offers anything more than that doesn't quite work for me, as good a slashy answer as it is, especially if all those needy, annoying women are just a way for him to shield himself from his gayness.

I was kind of hoping that they would give us a Bonnie who was onto House and deliberately doing that to him, but that would be a Bonnie who might have had a better chance at holding on to her husband.

The one canon/fanon question that seems to remain unanswered is whether Wilson was on wife #1 or 2 at the time of the infarction, although this episode struck me as leaning toward #1. But that's the usual fanfic answer and I'm not sure I know the difference anymore. The internet porn line felt like they were just blatantly winking at us.

Once I again, my slash glasses allowed me to see no indication that House is the least bit concerned about Wilson/Cuddy except as a threat to him and Wilson. I need to rewatch the art-show scene again to decide if I think it's cute or demeaning to Cuddy to be in scenes with Wilson when he's clearly NOT interested in her, but she thinks he might be. I'm also ambivalent as to the whole "Wilson is safe," routine. She knows better, right?

Quote from Jennifer (you remember Jennifer, the one who doesn't get the RSL love, although she liked him better after we found out he was good in bed.) What was with the "Little house on the prairie" sleeves. The jumper was stolen right out of Melissa Gilberts closet.

Another reason I'm not loving any of the Wilson/Cuddy stuff is it sort of negates their date from hell in "Forever." They must have decided to develope a case of mutual amnesia.

Today's paranoid bitch raving is that Wilson, who does everything to please a woman, will end the season becoming Cuddy's sperm donor, and next season will be all up in her face and getting attached to the baby, giving House more excuses to ignore his patients. (And me more excuses to wave my House/Wilson/Cuddy/Baby/Nanny fic around, saying "I told you so.")

Every H/W interaction was golden (if fanficcish) from the coffee, to the "Don't pass me notes," and oh my poor slashy heart, the Wilson sleeping in House's chair, although that makes me wonder if House ended up in the other chair and how that affected the leg. I'm not completely impervious to good H/W schmoop, really.

The last House/Bonnie scene felt lifted from several House/Julie fics I've read. A lot of people seemed to think she got to him in some way and that's why he took the dog. Frankly I don't think so. The defensiveness is just House's refusal to take any responsibility for anything regarding Wilson's marriages. I think he was happy to make her miserable, by saying he didn't owe her anything.

I'm extremely dubious we'll ever see the dog.

PoTW Stuff-I really liked the actress. She reminded me of the wife in "Fools For Love." I'm kind of glad they lost one, just for balance. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's the first patient death since Ezra Powell, correct? (And he had some help.)

There's a story to be written of FCC together or apart discussing or remembering their "dead" patient. I know Cameron's situation with Ezra wasn't the same, but it would be interesting because of how their different pathologies play out in these circumstances. Of course, technically Foreman lost Victoria, as well. Not sure how that factors in.

Count me in for loving Foreman/Mom scenes, Foreman/Wilson, Foreman/Chase, but not so much standing there and doing your self-serving monologue in front of the dying patient so Omar can get an Emmy reel.

It's also good to know that even if sex doesn't kill you, your bra will. I've been accusing mine of trying to kill me for years.

Low Cam-count this week. I think that's good. If she's not doing anything, I can't hate her.

Jesse's adorableness was practically off the richter scale even when he wasn't doing much and I was so happy to hear a little spiritual advice from our seminary boy. I'm still waiting to find out exactly why he left. Regarding Stalker!Chase, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

RSL is looking much much better. Hair, skin, weight. I knew a few months of beachwalks and sweaty yoga would be good for him.

Since this episode played more like a fanfic than a real TV show, I will give Doris credit, that was an awesome Killer Ending Line.

And there's still nothing sexier on the planet than Hugh in Blue! Yumyumyumyumyum.
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