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Time for some TV babble: Glee, Heroes, Numb3rs

Heroes-The Fifth Stage

Doyle being (or at least acting like) a nice guy? Creepiest thing EVER?

I actually thought the obnoxious guy would turn out to be a plant and that the whole thing was staged just to bring Claire into the “Family,” but I guess not.

I also thought they’d have bottomless popcorn boxes so they could never leave, but what do I know. Maybe I just really like popcorn.

“We’ve been on the road for 21 hours, but you’ve been on this road your whole life.” Oh Gretchen. Oh Writers. Really?

Noah and Lauren-Do Not Care. Just don’t, especially since I’m 90% sure that nothing is going to happen.

Hey Peter, nice use of a nail-gun for not so subtle crucifixion there.

And the one thing this episode was really about: Peter and Nathan. Wow! Adrian’s acting was amazing, and even though I don’t ship the Petrelli boys, I have to give props to the actors and the writers and everybody who’s been part of the ship from the first episode. Clearly everybody knew what was going on and went along with it. Clearly they weren’t going to make a gay, incestuous pairing “canon,” but at least they fed the fanbase at every opportunity, without dicking around with alternate het pairings in any substantial way. (Which also means that no female characters had to be trashed to maintain the ship.)

Milo and Adrian’s chemistry has always been the focus and they were actually allowed to say the ILU’s at the very end and make them believable.

Very impressive and while I know a lot of shippers are still pissed, you should (I think) actually be pretty grateful. I’d still love to have Nathan’s character and Adrian’s ass around to lust after, but as some of you know from other fandoms which will remain nameless at the moment, it could have been a whole lot worse.


This remains the most frustrating show that I’m currently watching.

I’d read that the Will/Terri showdown felt like a domestic violence scene, and there was definitely an unpleasant edge to it. I ran the idea by hubby and he was like “Are you kidding?”

Maybe we should just be grateful for anything that ends the baby plot, although I'm not clear that Will is smart enough to recognize a pregnancy pad for what it is, unless it's actually spelled out on the tag or something.

The Jump number was actually cute.

This was the first week I’ve really noticed the auto-tuning on Finn’s vocals. God, that’s bad. Really annoying.

Sue/Quinn showdown-YAY QUINN, but how about some hate!sex femslash folks.

Actually, I’ve finally decided which character I hate the most, and although there’s a lot of competition, it’s gotta be Figgens. Die Figgens, Die!

Did Kurt or Mercedes even have dialogue this week?

Numb3rs-Old Soldiers

And the Fonz returns. Can we just go ahead and make Roger Bloom a regular? We need someone to fill in now that Larry’s gone and I kind of liked his dynamic with Alan. (Fonzie Vs. Alex Reiger) Also, they sort of seem to be setting up some kind of love/hate thing with Betancourt.

ALTHOUGH….time for some Paranoid Bitching of a Paranoid Bitch…

Relative to my point about the Petrellicest thing on Heroes. Talk about trying to do fanservice for a slash ship and then trying to back off before anyone catches on.

Colby has a mancrush on Bloom? UH NO!!! He’s in a big-time bromance, but it sure as hell ain’t with Fonzie. And then, for no apparent reason, a man who seems to have no trouble dressing himself, is suddenly asking his boss’s brother’s girlfriend for help? That was such a major WTF that it sent the PBOAPB into overdrive.

It looked like a completely gratuitous plot point JUST to put David in a scene with a woman. And it was kind of demeaning to Amita as well. Genius….whatever she’s a genius as…and she’s going to spend the episode running around playing personal shopper to David? And then also get told off by Alan?

All of this was too bad, cause I actually liked the plot. Doing the DB Cooper thing was a very clever hook.

But seriously….you don’t like having fangirls slashing your big, macho boys? That’s fine. Then cut out the “dating” references or lines about “another man’s meat.” We’ll slash anyway, but you don’t have to feel guilty about it. But throwing in the fanservice and then trying to say, “Nothing to see here. Move on?” Not cool. Not cool at all.

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