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Holiday Drabble #5 "In Love There Is No Because" Warehouse 13 Claudia/Myka

Title: In Love There Is No Because
Author: karaokegal
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Claudia/Myka
Warnings/Spoilers: No spoilers. Takes place during the first season, prior to the events of the season finale. No beta.
Notes: Holiday drabble #5-Written for mad_jaks, my favorite spoilerphobe, who's always willing to listen to a writing rant or insta-Beta request. Submitted for Day 8 of consci_fan_mo
Wordcount: 300
DisclaimerI'd love to write for this show. If anyone from Sf Fy is reading, please give me a call. I'll pitch in on Eureka while I'm there.

Maybe it would be different if she were some normal kid who’d grown up with a mom and friends and all that suburban crapola. She’d be a loser, but she’d have an idea of how to deal with something and someone she can’t just techno-babble her way around.

Myka has her totally flummoxed. Those long legs, that neck, and those kind of funny-looking lips she still wants to kiss.

But she also wants Myka to tell her about how to get along in the real world, and maybe how to act with guys and wear high heels.

Claudia knows exactly how messed up this is, but she’s never run away from a challenge and she figures she smart enough to figure it out. Of course Miss High and Mighty doesn’t make it any easier. One minute she’s lecturing Claudia about that stupid manual that only she’s read, and the next they’ll be trying to decide if Houdini’s handcuffs go under M or H, and Claudia is absolutely sure that Myka can read her mind and knows exactly what she wants to do with those cuffs. That smug smile says she might not even object.

She’s got no one to talk to. Again the whole “no normal family” thing.

Late at night, she prowls the library, looking for answers, or at least a distraction. She tries philosophy, poetry, pornography, and finds the answer in a book by Anais Nin, which if Claudia understands it correctly is a mixture of all three.

Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it.

“Claudia, are you in there? I’ve been looking all over for you.”

She can see Myka approaching, looking both worried and beautiful.

Claudia still doesn’t know which is more important, but she’s ready to find out.

Tags: consci_fan_mo, drabble, fanfic, warehouse 13

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