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Yes, I know it's December and I know New York is VERY BUSY

That's why I emailed the hotel over three weeks ago to let them know the client was coming, that she was traveling with her husband and that she'd been very unhappy with her room on the previous trip. In return the sales rep assured me that he would take good care of the client, who by the way, was also coming off the red-eye.

So naturally I arrived at work this morning to a voice mail from the client, saying they had been given and a "crappy room, with no view, and TWO TWIN BEDS." Also that the woman at check-in was rude.

Putting the aside the disconnect between NY and California manners, which means that typical New Yorker, sometimes comes across as just plain rude to a Californian, there is absolutely NO FUCKING EXCUSE for the room situation, since I have the email chain showing that this should have been taken care of on their end.

So I call the rep, who starts waffling, but eventually has to admit that he had the email from me and somehow the information didn't get down to the front desk. Fine, so let's resolve the situation and get them into a king bedded room along with an effusive apology and a nice amenity, right? Well, maybe not, because they're not in the hotel at the moment and since it's so busy, they don't want to hold the king room until they know that the guests will be vacatin the two doubles.

To which my response is....UH, NO! You screwed up, here, not me, pal. Hold the room until they can get there. Except the guy has revenue manager giving him shit because that's at least one room off the market until the move is done.

I have voice and email and out to the client, but so far no answer. I'm close to a total melt-down, but trying to keep it together, because I know I did my job, and whatever happened is not my fault.

Once this is resolved, I am so ratting this guy out to the travel manager. This particular hotel in the Times Square area is a preferred hotel with the Law Firm and we give them a lot of business. Seriously dude, GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

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