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Client and husband are now happily ensconced in a king-bedded room.


LJ seems to have taken some Ex-Lax, but things are still moving only sporadically. I woke up to a bunch of notifications from three days ago.


And it's the return of my client who spent the earlier part of last year driving me nuts by flying with her infant, and is now home on maternity leave and wants me to book a trip for her, her husband, one toddler, her new infant and her MOTHER-IN-LAW.


Did you see Keith go OFF on Tiger Woods last night. He called him out for being a hypocrite and took the opportunity to throw Lance Armstrong under the bus while he was at it, which made me deliriously happy. Have you noticed that the intro now includes the words "News and commentary" at the end? Kind of like announcing all of Wolffie's lobbying or consulting ties every time he's on, I guess.

Meanwhile...RACHEL!!!! Holy shit! If you guys haven't been following the "Kill the gays" legislation that's pending in Uganda, you need to wake up and download the podcasts from the last five episodes of Rachel, especially last nights interview with the guy who claims to be able to help people "come out of homosexuality."

This guy will make your skin crawl like nothing you have ever seen.
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