karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

The "comment and explain yoursef" Meme.

Which I agreed to do for the ever so loverly timbershiver

I think I understand how this thing works. You comment to me and I pick three of your icons and three of your interests for you to explain in your LJ.

1. Crotch (lol it's my favourite!)

That is Dr. James Wilson and the clip is from "Autopsy." He's walking away from House right after saying "Go to hell!" which is a favorite Wilson moment for me. The camera-being seems to have taken that moment to get rather fascinated with you know what portion of RSL's anatomy. As who wouldn't?

2. Wallarms2

Has any slash couple ever had sexier hands and forearms than House&Wilson? Seeing them together is almost too much. Hugh's hands on his (ahem) instrument are enough to give me multiple piano-gasms every shot of RSL's forearms an ocassion for much drooling. Even when our boy Bobby's been out of shape, his arms and hands have always been delightfully lickable.

3. Youngpeternoone

I saw him a few years ago doing a free concert on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. He was obviously having a blast, putting a great show, doing all his old hits and some great schtick. I kind of fell in love. Seeing him on Idol a few weeks ago reminded. Then I went looking for some old pictures. He was quite the pretty boy back in the day.

1. 60's Britpop

I'm totally into British singers and bands who never really made it over here. I'm pretty much the only American Cliff Richard fanatic, I know. I'm also crazy about Billy Fury, Unit 2 Plus 4, PJ Proby, etc. (Yeah, I know PJ is an American, but he was only successful in the UK.)

2. Running
At this point it's a mixture of walking and running. I'm determined to keep moving. I'll never been the skinny-mini my father dreamed of, but maybe I can fend off my genetic tendancy to be a blimp. And I like getting the t-shirts for doing the runs. Next week I'm doing one for Arctic Awareness.

3. RPS
How can you watch House and not see the Hugh&Bobby love? I especially the RPS genre because of the number of people who think it's sick, evil, revolting, dangerous, psychotic etc. One of my greatest joys is luring those folks into my web and making them say the magic words: I hate RPS, but I love this.
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