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House MD dream-very disjointed.

The diagnostics office had been expanded to a big room the size of a bus station, and there were giant wide screen TV sets everywhere. I wasn't sure if House had gotten them all installed himself or if they were stolen from other departments.

There were chairs along the perimeter and a bunch of people came in, including Wilson. At one point I thought I saw two Wilson's but one might just have been his coat. I asked him why House had to work all the time and he said they both did. I said something about them being a couple and how he felt about it, but he didn't answer.

Cut to a scene of House in Cuddy's office and she pointed out it was some kind of holiday, maybe Mother's day and he wasn't spending it with his mother. He agreed. She said she was going to punish him, and there was this creepy shot of what looked like his severed head on Cuddy's desk with the eyes glowing really blue.

Back in the bus station, one of the screens had a clip from NCIS with Gibbs saying "Hey, Abs!" and asking Abby something about a case. There was a picture of a blonde who looked a little like Catherine from CSI.

At this point things get fuzzy and I don't know how the case was solved, but there was definitely bleeding from the back of someone's elbow and I got the feeling it was mine.

This is the first time I think I've had anything like a full-blown House dream and I'm not sure why I'm retaining as much as I am.
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