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I dedicated "Your Cheatin' Heart" to Tiger Woods at the Mint yesterday...

And other tidbits from the last few days. I've been busy and haven't really caught up on LJ...anything exciting going on?


Movie Review-Up In The Air

Actually we saw this last week, but somehow I didn't get around to posting about it.

God, I love George Clooney. If he doesn't pull at least one nomination between this and Men Who Stare at Goats, then something seriously funky is going on. This is just one of those roles that seems to fit like a beautifully silky glove, starting with the first words of the voice-over. THE VOICE!!!! The ambience of the airports and hotels was just so right. And as a travel agent, I spent a lot of time nodding my head when it got into the travel details.

I won't give away plot. If you've seen the promos, you know the set-up. The thing I was happiest about is that it didn't end up where I thought it might be going on a number of occasions, and certainly not in a conventional romantic comedy direction. It wasn't afraid to be dark or goofy when required.

Go see it. AWESOME! (Bonus points for Jason Bateman.)




I know this is picky, but it really, really bugged me. On what fucking planet is "Don't Rain On My Parade" a ballad? Yes, it's a big famous Diva Number from a musical, but it is not a ballad...the rapid tempo of the opening vamp should be a give-away here. Also, relative to "And I Am Telling You..." it's a fairly easy song to sing. You have to be fast and keep the rhythm, but it's just not that hard. Not even the big note at the end. You know how I know this? I can do it and I'm not that good.

Meanwhile...all the other emotionally manipulative stuff came in on cue, which was nice, except that Kurt was practically MIA, except to be a reluctant Rachel cheerleader. Lovely.

Oh, and I guess Emma isn't so germ-phobic after all. Yeah, I'm not madly enthused about that plot. I didn't necessarily want Terri to get away with anything, but watching the Barbie and Ken dolls fly into each others arms wasn't particularly satisfying.

Watching Figgens grow a pair and Sue getting a bit of come-uppance was, although obviously the big "Quote" moment was the "Destination: Horror" line.

Bones-The Goop On the Girl

This was marginally less annoying than last week's hour-length Avatar commercial, but only marginally. I generally hate Christmas Episodes for any show, and this one just reinforced a bunch of things I dislike about them and this show. I think the only one I vaguely liked was when they were all quarantined in the lab for Christmas.

Pretty much every personal interaction story pissed me off here, especially wasting Zoey Deschanel in such a drippy part. Ben Franklin quotes? Really? You couldn't come up with a better personality quirk than that?

One of these years, I'd actually like to see Brennan get to go on the trip she wants to go on, rather than be forced into acknowledging how much she "needs" other people and family members.

The Cameron/Daughter we only see when she's trotted out for fake drama purposes was even more annoying. Hey Cam! If you're going to pull the plug on the trip for your own selfish emotional needs, try doing it before someone buys a cheap i.e. NONREFUNDABLE ticket.

You know an episode is in trouble when Sweets and Daisy are the least annoying characters.

Saturday night we watched Murder On The Orient Express, which I haven't seen in years and which holds up beautifully. So many great stars all looking so awesomely glamourous. There were some good extras as well, including interviews with Jacqueline Bisset and Michael York. Michael York has his character's coat, which I found incredibly charming. I did feel bad that when Sidney Lumet and the others were talking about the cast, no one mentioned Tony Perkins. POOR TONY. It was 14 years after Psycho and he was still basically playing Norman Bates.

Hubby liked the movie, but wasn't impressed with Albert Finney's Poirot. The extra's talked a lot about how much make-up it took to acheive that and I'd forgotten how different he looked in the movie from what he actually looked like at the time. I think for hubby it's just a matter of David Suchet being "his" Poirot.

Sunday night-Karaoke
Hung out with Peggy, Jacqui, Marsha, Yanni, Jim, Jim the bartender, Daddy Dave and Donatello. (I also worked on a massive beta project while hoping that Romeo's pathetic Dell battery would hold out.)

Sebastian was supposed to do my hair today, but called and told me his back was messed up and he was going to the hospital. Haven't heard from him since. That's not good.

For awhile there was this big crowd in the lounge that was dancing to everything, but it was still a fairly mellow vibe. Then they all left and it got very late-night loungy even though it was only 7PM.

You're Cheatin' Heart-Hank Williams
1985-Bowling for Soup
Sundown-Gordon Lightfood
Hello Mary Lou-Ricky Nelson
This Magic Moment-The Drifters

As you can see, I was far too busy to play games with the Fandom Secrets crowd yesterday. They can call me the hater and deny the truth all they like, but maybe they should read that report by their friends, those deeply devoted fans who are furious that CoE depicted a "relationship" where sex is involved, although apparently not anything compelling enough to miss a hot meal over, but absolutely no indication that their beloved character is emotionally held in any regard an iota higher than that of the other surviving member of the team.

There might be a pithy name for something like that, complete with a catchy acronym, but I can't imagine what it would be. :)

Random maintenance notes:

Starting week three off sugar and I hate it, because I feel hungry almost all the time.

Got the goddess nails done. Switched from something on the pinkish side of the spectrum to "Sunrise Sunset" sort of bright and orangey, but not too orange, if you know what I mean.

Went to the gym on Saturday---about 45 minutes treadmill and as much weights as I could stand after that. I wanted to hit the hot tub, but had to get back down the hill for nails.



I can't wait to see Rachel tonight!
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