karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

An amusing moment from the Desk of Doom

This happened last Friday, when I got a call for reservations to Quito, Ecuador. For some reason, I heard the word Quito and decided, without bothering to check, that the three letter code for the airport would be ITO. Makes sense, right?

Then I started pulling up flights and was really surprised to find that the way to get there would be through Honolulu. Even without a map, I thought that was a bit out of the way, but stranger things have happened and it was late and I was tired.

So I kept going with these connections via Honolulu until it was time to check on the fare, and then I knew something was wrong because it couldn't be that inexpensive, so I FINALLY checked and wouldn't you know it, the three letter code for Quito is ....UIO. I nearly sent the client to Hilo, Hawaii!

Luckily the admin was very nice and said it was the best laugh she'd had all day.
Tags: desk of doom, journal, travel

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