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A cluster of heart attacks.

That's what Sebastian told me happened when he got to the hospital on Sunday, after telling me he couldn't do my hair because his back hurt.

He drove himself to the hospital and according to him "I had a cluster of heart attacks and they did an angioplasty."

He's being released today, and obviously canceling his annual Christmas Day Pot Luck/Karaoke party. He is planning on going to the Mint on Sunday for their Christmas Party and actually offered to do my hair on Sunday as well. I told him my hair could go to hell in a bucket, and was considerably less important than his health.

We'll talk later in the week and see if he feels up to it.

Please send good thoughts, and not just for my hair. Sebastian is a good guy. He befriended me when I wandered into the Mint all those years ago. He told me that I was meant to be a red head and so I have been for nearly ten years now, and has helped me be amazing on multiple Halloweens.

We've been through a whole lot of shit together, including New Years Eve's at the Mint when Hubby was working and Sebastian didn't have a date and we had to hug each other at midnight.
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