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"A Knowledgeable Family" Heroes fic Petrelli-cest for consci_fan_mo

Title: A Knowledgeable Family
Author: karaokegal
Pairing: Nathan/Peter (references to Angela)
Rating: R
Wordcount: 300
Spoilers/Warnings Incest, possibly under-age. NO SPOILERS.
Notes: Holiday drabble #11 written for crashgirl82. Submitted for consci_fan_mo Day 16.

They only do it in the dark, late at night, with the lights off and curtains drawn. This thing between them is too strong to be denied and too wrong to be exposed to either moon-glow or electricity.

To reinforce the darkness, he keeps his eyes closed, as if this were all a dream, instead of the solid reality of Peter’s slender body, his soft skin, and his sensually yielding mouth. The thrusts and groans, the hands that stroke him, the tightness that envelops his cock, and makes him love his brother more than he thinks is possible, all remain unseen, except in his mind.

Except in their family, the secrets are never completely hidden.

“I think mom knows,” Peter whispers, surprising Nathan with the sound. They never talk when they do this, aside from the stray curse or to whisper each other’s names.

“Of course she does,” he replies, without thinking, because how could she not. Only after saying it, does he realize that Peter is still ridiculously young and dangerously naïve if he thinks anything happens in the Petrelli family without Angela’s knowledge, conniving and tacit encouragement.

Does he not remember how often their mother distanced herself both physically and emotionally from her boys, leaving them to themselves? How many time she exhorted Nathan to take care of his younger brother, while making sure that Peter’s relationship to Nathan verged on hero-worship?

Maybe he never heard Angela tell Nathan that he’d need to protect Peter because he was too beautiful for this world at the same time she was casting a less than complimentary eye toward any girlfriend that Nathan had the nerve to bring home.

Of course mom knows.

Maybe she even dreams about it in the dark.
Tags: drabble, fanfic, heroes, nathan petrelli, peter petrelli

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