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Birthday Greetings to three of my friends in LJ land

All of whom have become email/chat buddies and helped me out with fics in various fandoms. I love you guys and how LJ can bring people together... (We are the worllllllldddd.)

drunken_hedghog Housefrau, H/W lover, writer of fabulous drabbles and all-around lovely person.

gin200168 CSI-NY maven, kicker-of-ass in all things Mac/Danny and awesome chat buddy on long, lonely nights.

kj_draft Houseketeer, House/Cam fan, who discovered her inner-slasher during the Tritter arc to writer some sizzling, evil House/Tritter. Always willing to help when I need to let my bi-fictional side out for House/Cameron. Thanks honey. I think there's a fic for you lying around here somewhere.

You guys are all wonderful and I hope you're having a great day!
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