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Post Solstice Pimp Post

A few goodies to finish up the year.

Life On Mars

You Know How I Do by severinne

All you have to do is read the warnings to guess how well the delightful smutstress has once again hit all my kink-buttons:

Warning: PWP, dirty talk, D/s-ish power play and handcuffs.

Absolutely hot and delicious.

Torchwood/Dr. Who

In A Flawed Glass by phoenix64.

Jack and Lucy Saxon

Bone-chillingly dark and brilliant.

Keep On Looking by madjaks

Oh. My. God.
Totally awesome Real!Jack fic, with a great self-aware Gwen POV, as she watches Jack (in full bastard mode) pursue Tosh. Bonus b.u.f.t Ianto FTW!!!
Seriously-so much love for this...it's a gift to the real!Jack believers and to the Jack/Tosh lovers.

To Live For by lefaym
More real!Jack and b.u.f.t Ianto, from Ianto's POV. He knows exactly what's going on and his place in Jack's life. The writer claims there is stealth schmoop, but I feel this fits quite well into the real!Jack pantheon.

Never Love a Wild Thing by 51stcenturyfox.
Torchwood/Breakfast at Tifanny's

Holly Golightly meets Jack Harkness. What could be more perfect?

The Thick of It

Fixes What's Broke by remindmeofthe


I actually spoiled myself to read this because there's so little fic for this series and I adore Malcolm so much. She totally captures the tone and especially Malcolm's joyous use of the more anglo-saxon side of the English language.


Elevated by ebonyfeather.


This is a big Squeeeeeee for me, since it's my NCIS OTP in what we all know is their special location.


Becoming Visible by jaune_chat.


Personally I'm not the biggest fan of the "boy-love" side of slash, but this is really more of a character study and I really like to see Lyle's psyche getting explored this way, not to mention a bit of dub-con smut on the side. It's a fairly dark fic and I found it really got under my skin. Definitely under-aged sex, so be warned.
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