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I feel like my brain is frozen!

Basically, I've written at least one fan fic every day this month between consci_fan_mo, yuletide, and my holiday drabbles. Even got a new smidge written on the NOVEL while I was at the Mint last week.

Now I'm perusing the prompt list looking for ideas for Yuletide Madness and nothing is sparking. I'm going to polish up something I did yesterday, write the last drabble and get my EPIC, balls-out Jack/Gwen fic, which includes large dollops of Jack/Master, Lucy/Gwen, and John Hart to the rescue, all ready for Christmas Day posting. It may be jossed by the time many of you read it, but I feel the need to post it, as a great, big I LOVE YOU to all the real!Jack believers who hung together through all the craziness of the Pre/During/Post CoE period. P.S.-JACK IS A BASTARD!!!

Low blood sugar may be kicking in as well. I have that weird detached feeling that I associate with need to get some carbs in my system, even though I drank a protein shake around 4 in the morning.

I have to go out and make sure there's enough food in the house to get us through tomorrow, but I also need to make sure I'm back here when my cousin Effie comes to pick me up so that I can go see the relatives in Marin.

I had planned to get a long-ish walk in, but my legs are not in great shape, so a long soak may be more in order.

It's been an amazing fanfic year, but I'm disappointed that I failed to kick the habit enough to finish the book. I'm working on Chapter7, but there's a long way to go. There's a definite fear that it's getting away from me, but I am going to give it a try again in 2010.
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