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OK, I'm as psyched about slashy Sherlock Holmes as anybody, but I've got this strange feeling that Downey, Ritchie et al, are over-playing their hand about it. Obviously, there won't be any "canon-slash," so wouldn't it have been better to have all the snarky subtext in there for the viewers to find and squeeeeeeeee about, rather than having it out there in interviews giving the right-wingers another chance to rail about the "Gay Agenda" and promising the slashers more than they can actually deliver?

I get the impression that there are folks who will be disappointed with less than a full-on snog, which they're not going to get.


Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbin split up after 23 years

THAT TOTALLY SUCKS!!! I loved them so much as a couple, especially for being out there and fighting the good fights together.


I had a roasted yam sandwich from Bi-rite. Feeling much better, but still not sure I have any more yuletide fics in me.

I watched the Buzzcocks episode with David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins, which was all kind of awesome, (BARROWMAN!!!) but I was really taken with Noel Fielding and that sort of quiet, shy, soft, but totally wicked, snarky thing he had going on. I've seen pictures of him in fandomsecrets and I have several f-listers who are into The Mighty Boosh, but I don't think I'd ever really seen him before. I spent a lot of last night watching as many Buzzcocks clips with him as I could find. I still don't know if I'd hit it, but I'd totally like to hang out with it. Is The Mighty Boosh worth my looking into? Help me out here, guys.


RIP Arnold Stang
It happened the same day at Brittany Murphy and I missed it.


I can't wait to see Dr. Who!


I'm looking at the cast list for Robin Hood in Cardiff this year and NOT seeing Paul Zerdin, the ventriloquist who played Will Scarlett in Birmingham last year and was one of the highlights of the show. Hey Cardiff-viewers...did they get a different ventriloquist for the part or does your production not have a puppet at all? Just curious.
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