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Yesterday was amazing!

I got up went to the gym and hung out until hllangel came over. At that point the weather was spectacularly gorgeous and sunny.

Hubby, hllangel and I walked up to Imagiknit for some yarn-buying and then over to Samovar for leisurely tea drinking, and so she could give me my copy of Barrowman's 2nd book and gift of John's concert DVD. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

By the time we were done with tea, the sky had turned gloomy and it was starting to rain. So much for my idea of once around Dolores Park on our way home. Instead we walked between the raindrops and hung out at the apartment for a few hours before calling a cab to take us to North Beach to see Beach Blanket Babylon, which can best be described as Panto for adults, right down to the fact that the main character is Snow White.

It's one of the things I love most about San Francisco.

Our show was delayed about a half hour, presumably because a cast member was stuck in traffic. However it was (as always) an incredible experience full of really up-to-date pop culture references as well as jokes that were older than dirt. But it was all wonderful and there was a special Christmas song medley. For a few minutes there, I was worried that they'd ditch the usual ending, but at the end, the big San Francisco hat came out and "San Francisco" was sung and I got very sentimental, although I didn't actually cry.

On the way out, I heard someone calling my name. I turned around and there was hannahrorlove! We've been out of touch for awhile so it was a weird feeling to see her. It made me feel really bizarre and giddy and "anything can happen day."

After that, we went looking for food and were lured into Panto Rei on Columbus with promise of free Tiramisu. Of course by the time we finished our actual meals, no one had room for the Tiramisu. (Not that I, being off sugar and caffeine would eat it anyway.)

By this time it had started pouring complete with thunder and lightning, but we were able to get a cab fairly quickly and come home for Then End of Time Part 1, nicely recorded on our Tivo, which meant we could watch on the big screen, instead of huddling around the lap-top.

I was pretty impressed. More details in a separate post.

hllangel left to make sure she could get a BART train. Hubby and I went to bed and crashed.

Definitely the best day of "Christmas Holiday" thus far.

Today will be devoted to doing pretty much nothing until it's time for Karaoke.
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