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Dr Who Babble for The End of Time-Part One


Even if all the Master/Lucy and Gwen/Lucy stuff from my New epic, Jack/Master, Jack/Gwen, Gwen/Lucy, Jack/Captain John fic is totally Jossed.

I love that Wilf's friend Minnie was played by June Whitfield, who played Eddy's mother on Ab Fab.

OMG-John Simm is such a sexy motherfucker, although not so much when he's eating like a pig. I was less turned on by the whole leash/collar set up, then when he was just exuding evil, or pretty much admitting that all the Doctor/Master fanfic was right all along.

OH-Emo!Doctor. Get over yourself. (You could have had Jack or Martha or both with you right this minute, but nooooooooooooooo!) But I love you anyway.

YES! Obama will save the world, and everybody (at least all of the UK) seems to know it.

Master Race---bwahahahahahahahah.

And John Simm in drag. Yesssssssss!!!!

Pretty much the only downside: NO JACK!!!!

But he's coming...and you gotta figure the smaller his part is, the better the point can be made that he's doing fine, shagging his latest piece of arse and running out on said p.o.a, the minute the Doctor needs him.

General consensus at my place is that "When Torchwood fell..." refers to TW1, NOT Jack's TW.

Can't wait for part two.

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