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Updated list of Torchwood/Dr. Who RPF featuring Captain Jack

These are all the fics I've written in the RPS/RPF genre for Torchwood/Dr. Who that feature Captain Jack.

The Morning After
It all started here after I read the interview where John talked about falling asleep in bed with Eve (in her underwear) after a party.

Every Little Thing
This was the second story in my John Barrowman/David Tennant saga.

Angel of the Morning
John/Eve wank-fic from mmom 2008

Hooray For Hollywood
Jack shows up when John is alone in LA.

Having Your Cake
John/David/Eve drabble. Brief mention of Captain Jack. Not related to the John/David fics.

No Safety or Surprise
The end of the John/David saga.

A Visit From St. Jack
Christmas Morning at John and Scott's house.
Tags: david tennant, doctor who, eve myles, fanfic, jack harkness, john barrowman, rpf, rps, torchwood

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