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Fun night at Karaoke

When I got to the Mint, the place was very close to empty and apparently a big party had just left because some girl got so drunk she fell and broke a tooth. I heard that her friends were telling Jim the bartender that they needed ice and Jim said, "You need to leave."

I hung out with my Barrow-maniac convert friend David O for a bit. Then Sharon and Leeann and a bunch of their dyke-tastic friends showed up for Leeanne's birthday at which point things got really crowded and extremely loud. I nearly lost my voice trying to sing over the music.

Hung out with blueashke, which was nice as I haven't seen her for awhile.

I also texted my friend Regina in Boston and she told me she was hanging out with her Jewish girlfriend who reminds her of me. (Oy vey!) She asked me to do some Barry Manilow, so I finished my night with "Trying to Get The Feeling Again."

Picked up some KFC and went home to watch old Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies with hubby.

WOW! Now I realize while Holmes purists really hate those things.

Song list-
Baby I Need Your Lovin'-Johnny Rivers
All About You-McFly
Hot Fudge-Robbie Williams
Trying To Get The Feeling Again-Barry Manilow.
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