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Some housekeeping notes.

I'm changing my "short list" filter, which is the stuff I read on a daily basis. Mostly I've taken off all the fic-coms except those I'm a co-Mod of and torchwood_decaf. My list of fanfic to read is beyond unwieldy and it's making me a bit a crazy to see it grow with no appreciable dent being made. So for awhile, I'll only be pulling fic off the LJ's of the people who's personal stuff I'm reading. If you see something you think will meet my criteria in any of the fandoms I read, feel free to PM or email me with the rec. Please keep my fluff allergy in mind, unless it's a pairing where you know I can stand the stuff.

I have to break the mental habit of wanting to read everything in case I miss something hot, that I acquired that first six months when I was reading the house_slash archives and every fic was a leg-trembler.

Of course anyone who writes or recs me real!Jack or dark, smutty, hopeless, angsty H/W fic will be festooned with love.


It's been brought to my attention that someone has a beef with my cross-posting of Role Reversal. To which I say: TOUGH SHIT! I'm trying to side-step the Holiday Vortex by hitting as many comms as possible over as long a period as possible so that people who might miss it due to being away from their computer one day still have a chance to see it. All the comms, I'm posting to are applicable, and if the individual moderators feel otherwise, I'm sure they'll let me know.

I worked hard on the story, I'm really proud of it, and it may be the last fic in the fandom I write for a while. (That is not a threat or a promise, just a fact.)

This applies to A Visit From St. Jack as well, although without the "Tough shit!" The problem is there are a lot of Torchwood/Who RPS/RPF comms that it fits into and while I assume the readership is the same in most of them, I can't be 100% sure, and since the readership is going to be limited, I want to make sure it's seen as much as possible. So for that one I do apologize to my fellow RPS/RPFers if it's getting annoying. But I'm going to keep posting till the outlets are exhausted.

Cause it's a cute story. And how often do I write those?
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