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And she has a life too...kind of.

Did you know this was National Dance Week? Well it was, so on Saturday afternoon, hubby and I took a pre-beginner Tango lesson. Sort of interesting, mostly involving body awareness and communication and walking, all of which are good things. About fifteen minutes from the end, the instructor had us rub our hands together to create energy which we then put over our hearts and then embraced the circle etc etc. She said "This is so important, not only for dance, but for world peace."

Honestly, I have nothing against world peace, but I'm pretty sure we're not going to accomplish it that way.

Saturday night, we went to the Nickel Creek concert at the Warfield. They're on the "Farewell For Now" tour and I definitely got the feeling that they weren't all that into it. Pretty mellow show, which gave me lots of time to sit in the dark and work on plot bunnies for the next round of fics including the Alias ficathon and MMOM.

The opening act was a pretty funny comedian/magician named Derek Hughes. Good schtick. The "finale" was quite amazing/amusing, but I won't spoil it for you in case you get to see him.

We were watching some Tivo'd Nigella and she was babbling about a pasta maker and the next thing I know, he's decided he needs one and he's going to make homemade pasta. Today! So we're off to Castro street in search of one at Cliff's Hardware. He found it and went off to get ingredients while I went to the Mint.

I got there early so I could get a few songs in before things got super crazy for the 20th Anniversary party. There was food, champagne, a big mural on the wall by Sayasune, which allegedly includes an image of yours truly, although I didn't think it looked like me. I got to see lots of people who hadn't been around for ages.

Song list:
Over The Rainbow-The Cliff Richard version, which is basically a cover of the Iz version medley with What A Wonderful World.
Let Me Entertain You-Robbie Williams-I had to inform Jim that NO, I was not doing the song from Gypsy.
Jackie Wilson Said-Van Morrison
Communication-Spandau Ballet
Daughter Of Darkness-For drunken_hedghog Not my best Tom Jones number, but not bad.

Then hubby called to advise that the pasta was ready.

OK, guys, between you and I---not that great, but that may have been the pesto he bought which didn't thrill me. But hey, he tried and how many hubbies would have done that?

Now let's see if he ever does it again.
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