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The End of Time - Part II

Warning: Includes spoilers, a Queen video and some happy dancing.

Starting out with the Jack stuff! This is for the real!Jack believers---sing it with Freddie, kids:

We won. We won. We motherfucking won!

I have seen it with my own eyes and there was no moping. Jack wasn't crying, whining, mourning, grieving etc. He looked at the most a bit grim for the first second. And he might just have been tired or cranky. He was not "broken." He was undoubtedly our Jack, in a bar, getting ready to take his pick of any alien he wanted, or possibly a combination thereof for the night's entertainment.

He looked MORE hurt after he saw the Doctor, because the Doctor was still giving him the "so so sorry" look, meaning, he's still "wrong" for the Doctor, which is absolutely heart-breaking, and THAT'S what he'll always be in pain over, and then when Alonso show up, he immediately went into bastard!Jack seduction mode including the smile.

Yes, sir-THAT'S my baby.

I haven't seen the Confidential yet, but I hear that RTD said Jack and Alonso were a "perfect couple." Now I don't personally believe that in terms of anything schmoopy or permanent, but presumably it means that Alonso is willing to be what Jack needs for awhile without going all clingy and whiney when it's time for Jack to move on. And by my lights that's perfect.

And how fucking awesome is the whole Twitter battle between John and Neil Patrick Harris, simply because it's getting John's name out there ALL OVER THE PLACE in a way that has nothing to do with Torchwood and absolutely NOTHING to do with any specific pairing? Don't you think this might get the BBC's attention regarding John's popularity far more than another, certain Twitter/Snail Mail/Email harrassment campaign, so they'll know that people LOVE John and will tune in to see him regardless of who else is there?

I also hear that J/I did NOT win "Best Gay Couple" on AfterElton.

This makes me so happy.


John Simm---It grieves me that I won't get a chance to see him play Hamlet. There is really nothing the man can't do, from the over-the-top scenery-chewing in Part 1, to the quieter, turn on a dime subtlety he showed here. As much as RPS ship Barrowman/Tennant and Simm/Glenister, there is definitely something that happens acting-wise when Simm and Tennant are onscreen together as Doctor/Master.

That is pure slash, no glasses required.

Time Lords-oh you bad-bad-bad Time Lords and oh Timothy Dalton, how I love to hear you bellow. :)

Wilf Rocks...there are no words for the awesomeness of Wilf, especially getting to be Luke Skywalker. (Hell, Bernard Cribbins totally PWNed Noel Fielding et al on Buzzcocks, not mean feat that.)

Ten-I've loved David Tennant in the part and I could see the scenes being written as both RTD's and Tennant's reluctance to go, even though they both know it's time. I STILL wanted to smack Emo!Ten upside the head a bit. I'm not a classic Whovian, so I don't honestly know how the others acted in that situation, but I really thought he was being a bit of a prick about it, which isn't completely out of character either. However, making Wilf feel guilty for getting stuck in the room was totally NOT COOL. (And if he hadn't been a douche to Captain Jack, he might have been traveling with a companion who could open that door with no sweat, right?)

As for the "wrap-ups," I asked hubby how he felt about Martha/Mickey and he was all for it, didn't think it was racist or really worry about Tom Milligan. He reminded me that we never actually saw Martha and Tom as a couple and he feels like Mickey and Martha would have more in common because of their Doctor experiences. He also loves Mickey and feels that he did the most "growing up" from his initial appearance.

Plus from my side---Noel Clarke in a beard---yummy, although I wouldn't let him kiss me. (I hate kissing men in beards.)

Donna-I don't think it's a bad ending for her. She doesn't seem quite as vapid as she was at the beginning of the Runaway Bride and as hubby says, it's still better than dying. Bonus: Wilf & Minnie! Right on.

Rose & Jackie---Always adorable and somehow they got Rose's face to look like S1 & 2 Rose instead of that weird thing that happened to her mouth/teeth in the S4 appearances. I started wondering why Rose didn't remember Ten's face after the regeneration, but I'm just going with Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly on that.

The post regeneration bits were cute, but I'm waiting to see what Moff and Smith and New Girl actually do together.


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