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Fannish Year in Review Meme

Ganked from chicating

1. Fandom of the Year:

Politics & Pundits!!!

2. Favorite Film Watched this Year?
Documentary: Throw Down Your Heart
Feature film: In The Loop

3. Favorite Book read this year?
The Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs.

4. favorite lj community of the year:

5.Fandom discovery of the year:
NCIS-Discovered during hubby's 2nd convalescence, when we'd spend hours up at the nuring home watcing the USA marathons. My Fornell/Gibbs OTP is now among my favorite ships.

Also Due South at the very end of the year. Recced by love_jackianto because in spite of that, we do have things in common.

6. Fandom disappointment:
House MD-Newbie return. Having FCC back was too good to last, but awesome while we had it.

Glee didn't live up to the hype, but I'm still on board, mostly for the zeitgeist.

7. TV boyfriend of the year
Captain Jack Harkness. (I"m not saying he'd be a good boyfriend, but having just a bit of him would be worth it.)
Although to be honest, Keith Olbermann is my steady weeknight date.

8. TV Girlfriend of the year:
Rachel Maddow (plus Ana Maria Cox and Melissa Harris Lacewell, if I can have them all.)

9.Biggest squee moment
DUH! The SQUEEEEEE ODYSSEY. In a five day period I saw John Barrowman in Panto TWICE, saw Burn Gorman in Oliver, and met a slew of awesome F-listers.

10.Fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to...
Lie to Me, Leverage, Dexter. (I saw a few eps of Dexter, but haven't really gotten to hunker down and watch the whole thing from the beginning.)

11.Biggest fannish anticipation?
Torchwood Series 4, Bigger and Better than ever.
Tim Burton's Alice.
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