karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

The Current Meme

Ganked from speccygeekgrrl

Current Books:Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. How embarrassingly lemming-like is that?

Current Playlist: The letters HIJ plus Van Morrison, Robbie Williams and Soundtracks.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Obsessive Cubis Gold playing.

Current Color: Blue. Now and forever.

Current Drink: Mint tea.

Current Food: It's time for my midday snack. Hard boiled egg and some fruit salad.

Current Favorite Show: Countdown With Keith Olbermann and The Rachel Maddow Show. I'm still a Housefrau and a Heroes junkie among others, but they're all annoying me right now.

Current Wishlist: Announcement of Torchwood Series 4, John Barrowman to do US concert tour (not just Ego-fest II), better running times and more endurance.

Current Needs:I really need a decent pair of shoes and a new landline phone. I need to get some limos done. I have to do a time sheet to make sure I can use the new system.

Current Triumphs: The Doctor Who finale was a triumph for the real!Jack believers. I put in some work on my novel last night. I've got the next two days off!

Current Bane Of My Existence: LIMOS!!! Lack of comments on Role Reversal. :(

Current Celebrity Crush: Barrowman still in the lead. Olbermann/Maddow close behind.

Current Indulgence: I'm doing this instead of booking limos.

Current Blessing: Obama is president. My company is back on full salary after temporary cut-backs.

Current Slang: Chillax

Current Outfit: Grey slacks, blue blouse, black hoodie.

Current Excitement: Seeing Wicked on Sunday. Barrowman announcement on Twitter forth-coming.

Current Mood: Kind of blah, but happy for vacation days coming up.
Tags: barrow-mania, journal, meme

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