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MMOM Day 2-B-Is for Batman (60's TV Show)

Title: Alone In The Cave
Fandom: Batman (60's TV show-for icaro_76)
Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson (Batman/Robin)
Wordcount: 200
Thanks to Beta Goddess Carol.

Something is very wrong at stately Wayne Manor.

Bruce Wayne knows he shouldn’t be having these thoughts about Dick Grayson: his ward, his responsibility, his friend. This is a betrayal of decency and the crime-fighting code.

During the day, he can control himself when the suits they wear conceal the younger man’s body, but lately it’s become nearly impossible to keep his eyes off his sidekick’s muscular, well-rounded…

Last week, one of the Riddler’s henchmen almost got him while he was mesmerized by what he saw outlined against the tight fabric over Robin’s…

He tries to keep his mind from forming the words, even though he’s alone in his secret spot in the bat-cave, where he has complete darkness to hide his shame.

If only he could control what his body longs for; force himself to think of Barbara Gordon (the Commissioner would kill him but at least he wouldn’t be a freak) or Catwoman (she’s evil, but she’s a woman).

Stripping quickly out of the bat-suit, he grips himself roughly.

Why does he want Dick this way?


Want his mouth?


His ass?


Drained and depressed, Bruce envies Superman’s solitary existence. Free of love; free of temptation.

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