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Heroes babble - Play by Play for Upon This Rock and Let It Bleed

Voiceover-STFU Mohinder

Nice fringey boots, Claire.

Creepy guy looking creepy at Claire. This is NOT going to end well.

Could Samuel look any more suspicious?

Claire quotes Sartre. Samuel quotes Kristofferson.

Hiro in Tokyo-babbling. Star Wars, Highlander, Man of La Mancha, Caprica and Battlestar Galactica. Hee.

It’s Flashback time with Samuel and bad accents up the wazoo! Just you wait Henry Higgins brother, just you wait.

Eli is definitely winning the creepy award. I’m looking forward to seeing Doyle by comparison.

OK, Hiro’s babbling is getting less amusing. I assume that’s deliberate since it’s now all foreshadowing about the tumor.

OH, Emma, you are in TROUBLE.

YAY ANDO!!! Even a YAY for Hiro’s sister.

More trouble than I thought.

Claire you fucking idiot!!! GET OUT!!! Do not hang around to futz with the files while creepy guy gets his shit together. OH DOYLE!!! I thought you’d gone nice. I’m so disappointed.

Hiro/Ando…OK, I give in…AWWWWWW!!!

Emma/Samuel Central Park scene…it was nice, but I missed the whole leaves growing thing until Hubby pointed it out to me.

So they’re covering up Nathan’s death as a JFK Jr. kind of thing? Interesting.

Oh Claire. I know you can heal, but you’re a fucking idiot. If they try to make Eli “good” at any point I’ll be totally pissed, because he is too fucking creepy to live.

Joseph plays the Noah card and Claire falls for it.

Grass growing…most unconvincing CGI I’ve seen since my attempt to the watch the first episode of Demons earlier today.
Nathan’s funeral. GUH! So sad. Waaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Noah’s face is just validating all my Noah/Nathan shippiness..


Nice way to take a shot at Dad during the funeral, Peter.

Emo Peter Time! (And a bit of Noah/Peter there.)

Let it Bleed! (Cause we all need someone we can bleed on.)

Hellllloooooooo Sylar. Mmmmmwwwwah! Good to see you, honey.

Sylar VS Samuel: Godzilla Vs Rodan?

STFU Claire. (Noah did his best.)


Peter/Claire—OK, you two…will you stop having that damn chemistry already?

Claire makes me remember my Claire/Nathan fetish and why are we bringing up West all of sudden. Is he coming back??

Noah please tell me you know there’s someone out there and you’re not just being an idiot.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! NOAH BENNET FUCKING ROCKS!!! And is very sexy when he speaks Japanese. Nice perm on Not-Serena.

I hate Claire for making Noah miss Nathan’s wake. HE LOVED HIM TOO!!!

Edgar in a freezer! All right.

Sylar: There’s nothing wrong with me. Hmmmmmm baby. Sylar Sex!!! Haven’t had any of that since Elle bit the big one. And I think this is a lot hotter than Sylar/Elle just because it’s two adults. Impotent….literally or figuratively? No sex? Boooooooo!!!!

New stupid line of the day from Peter: “Don’t worry about the blood.”

“I’m the one who can’t be hurt by bullets.” Except you weren’t healing a few minutes ago, were you.

OH NOAH!!!!! I love you so much, especially with BAMF knife.

Hey, Not-Serena…chill out.

Nice time for a political message about torture. (Which I agree with, but I wanted more vicarious thrills.)

Peter wants to make Sylar scream…and don’t we all want to see that?

Nice way to get yourself shot there Peter.

WAIT A MINUTE???Why is the healing working now when it didn’t work before? WTF????

Claire is jealous that Peter is so obsessed with Nathan. SHE KNOWS!!! Time for Hurt/Comfort sex.

OH MY GOD…Does Noah have to sound like he’s seducing Edgar, giving him the smile and feeding him TEA???!!!!

Emo!Samuel tries to put the emotional moves on Sylar, but he’s not having it. Oh I am shipping these two something fierce.

Tattoo You-To keep the Rolling Stones theme going.

Peter takes Claire to his and Nathan’s special place. Symbolic much?

Another West reference. He is so coming back.

Flying Peter…very sweet.

Hellooooo Cheerleader. OH YEAH BABY!!!

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