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Happy Pimping New Year!

Now that everyone is hopefully back at their desks, we can get the New Year in Pimpitude under way.

Communities to consider joining in 2010, if you haven't already.


Now's the perfect time to join. Even if you've never participated and have no intention of doing so in 2010, you'll eventually start getting a daily post listing a bunch of fics from both this year and the previous ones, in fandoms you might not have even known you were looking for fic in.

And if by October, you're thinking OMG-I have GOT to do this, that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world either. (Go for yuletide_admin while you're at it, so you get all the news and announcements along the way.



A place to post your fic in smaller, or unloved fandoms. A place to pimp that yuletide fic that doesn't fit anywhere else. A place to post fanfic with adult themes where you don't have to do a detailed warning for every little kink or possible squick. Just rate your fic Green/Yellow/Red and trust that the readers can decide which level of fiction they're up for.

We are definitely looking for diversity of fandoms represented as well as posters and members. Please consider joining and maybe re-posting some of your older fic, if you feel it deserves another look and especially if it's one of the smaller fandoms and/or has adult themes.



Whatever you think of the Jack/Ianto pairing itself, you can't overlook the fact that every single Torchwood-oriented fic comm that isn't explicitly dedicated an alternate pairing is essentially dominated by that one, making it extremely hard to find non J/I fic or for the fic to find an audience. The community is NOT a bashing forum, just a safe haven for those seeking or wishing to share fic, fanart, vids etc that are not about the pairing. Slash and Het are both welcome.


ppth_support-The Unusual Suspects

This is my baby, a fic comm devoted to guest stars and supporting characters from House MD.

If you want to write about a patient of the week, one of their friends or family, or any other supporting character seen or mentioned on the show, this is the place.

We're about to start our third year and today I'll be posting the eligible character lists for House Vs God. Basically anyone who isn't House/Chase/Cameron/Wilson/Cuddy/Vogler/Stacy/Tritter/Amber or the Newbies is eligible. Fics may include a major character, but must not be a Major Character/Major Character fic with only passing mention of an Unusual Suspect.

We have a weekly drabble challenge and you're more than welcome to post any fic about any Unusual Suspect through the first five seasons.



I co-mod here, and though it's basically a dead fandom, I still encourage writing and posting by anyone who misses our Alias boys and girls and wants to write slashy fiction about them.
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