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Yuletide Pimp Post

Fic I received for Yuletide

I was thrilled to discover that the fic I received in the yuletide exchange, Home and Away, was written by dafnagreer. The sneaky wench managed to keep this a secret until the reveal through cunning misdirection. The fic is a wonderful John Barrowman/David Tennant RPS that includes every little tid-bit I could have asked for including mentions of the Barrowman/Gill doggies and Eve Myles' breasts. The depiction of Scott is so great, in that he's no innocent and absolutely no "victim" of infidelity. I absolutely adore this fic. Barring a MASSIVE RPS squick, I'd totally encourage everyone to go read it and leave a comment. It's NOT particularly graphic.


Fics I wrote for Yuletide

(If you were one of my multiple betas, and I forget to mention you, PLEASE email me with a Gibbs-style head slap so I can properly credit you in spite of sieve-brain.)

No Return and No Deposit for themistoklis.

This was a bit of a departure for me. Pundit RPS featuring Shepard Smith and Jonathan Hunt of Fox News. It also includes references to Anderson Cooper, Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck et al. I'm really happy with how it came out, but it was definitely a challenge to get there. Special thanks to vanillafluffy for Beta services.

Just Enough for AR.

More in my usual line...Keith Olbermann/Rachel Maddow.
Yes, I finally went there, and it came out kind of sad and angsty.

It Had To Be You for thefourthvine

Rick/Sam slash.

I didn't get the official pinch-hit on this one, but I couldn't resist the prompt. Thanks again to vanillafluffy for holding my hand and reassuring me that I wasn't committing massive race!fail in my attempts to avoid anachronism. There were two other fics written to the same prompt, so if you're a fan of the movie, I suggest checking them all out.

A Mythbuster's Christmas for drunken_hedghog.

My turn to be a sneaky wench! I grabbed the pinch-hit for a pal and managed to keep the secret. I was really worried about this for any number of reasons, including the abject failure of my last attempt at Mythbusters fic and the request that the writer "go easy" on the RPS. For me this is a pretty fluffy/schmoopy sentimental fic. Feel free to point and laugh as my angsty/hard-boiled image goes crashing to the ground.

Thanks to michelleann68, filthgoblin, and 51stcenturyfox for last minute beta assistance and savemoony just for being a gmail buddy during the whole process.


Pimping my peeps. (If you're reading this and I missed you---again with the head-slap.)

Yuletide fics by my friends and folks who came by to participate in the post-Yuletide Support Group. Comments have been especially light all around this year as people adjust to the new server, so if any of these are fandoms you're familiar with, or if you just want to try something new and spread a little post-Yuletide joy, please give it a shot.


By Sin Fell The Angels
Harry/Juliet plus some Harry/Ruth UST and an awesome appearance by Tessa.

There's None So Blind As He Who Won't See

A Most Infuriating Man
Fandom: Mary Russell by Laurie R. King

Spin This World Around
Fandom: Next To Normal
Character-Natalie Goodman

Fandom: Hair
Character-Sheila Franklin

Christmas Comes Early In The South Pacific
Fandom: Black Sheep Squadron.
You heard me. Black Sheep Squadron. How freaking awesome is that? No specific pairings, but everybody gets their chance to shine.

Fandom: Dragon Riders of Pern

Juan Valdez, The Radical Priest and Me
Fandom: Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard.
Yes, the Paul Simon song. There were other stories written to the prompt, but this is absolutely the best and most creative including the identity of The Queen of Corona. PLEASE!!! Go. Read. Give love.


The Vigil
The Double Favor
Lost and Found
Fandom: White Collar

Fandom: Stargate Universe
Genfic-Everett Young, Matthew Scott

The Gods Must Be Crazy
Fandom: Cupid (with a House MD Crossover)
Pairings: Trevor/Clair, House/Cuddy

Fandom: The Shawshank Redemption
Pairing: Andy Dufresne/Red Redding

Returning Home and Meeting Memories For The First Time
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Pairing: Sam/Al friendship
Very sweet and sentimental, especially for those feel the "official" ending needed a fix.

Aside from my awesome present, she also wrote:
Succession and Ten Years Later
Fandom: Peep Show

Thursday's Child
Fandom: NCIS-LA
Pairing: Callen/OFC
Characters: Callen, Hanna

Family Tradition
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Pairing: Tony Stark/Steve Rogers

Catching Up
Fandom: Marvel Comics/Supernatural
Pairings: Steve/Tony, Dean/Castiel

The Party
Fandom: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Pairing: Harry/Perry

Pink and Glitter
Fandom: The Magicians

A Present For Hellboy Underneath the Christmas Tree (Or, how Agent John Myers got himself transferred to Antarctica by the beginning of the New Year)
Which must win some kind of award for longest title.
Fandom: Hellboy (movie-verse)

Cookies and MILF
Fandom: Motherlover (Music video)
Which must win another kind of award for obscure fandoms. Please do the writer the honor of taking a look just for being willing to go out on that limb.

Stir-Up Sunday
Fandom: Lie To Me
Pairing: Cal/Gillian

Finding Enlightenment
Fandom: True Blood
Pairing: Eric/Pam

The One Where Jules Was Kind of Right
Fandom: St. Elmo's Fire
Pairing: Alec/Kevin

It Doesn't Matter, Except When It Does
Fandom: Absolutely Fabulous
Pairing: Patsy/OMC
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