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Happy House Night!

The show wrapped up an hour ago on the East Coast and will start here in an hour. I have a bad feeling about this. My guess is a lot of squeeeee-inducing teasing, but whether they go my way or give the fluff-girls what they want, or something else...I just don't know. My guess is that after Wilson, they need to have some kind of re-assertion of Het-ness at least on Wilson's part. That could work for me, because my fanon has always been that Wilson is more attached to the het part of his persona and while he may at times taunt House with the idea of going public, he's the real obstacle.

My dream, after all the cringey stuff and innuendo is something that makes it clear that House is still longing but Wilson is being his "good guy"/Bastard self.

We probably won't get that.
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