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House of the Rising PIMP POST-

Threee House/Wilson fic recs

By three of my favorite writers, as well as three of my favorite people I've gotten to know in the fandom. All right, enough with the schmoopy stuff.

A Better You by daasgrrl.
Brilliantly written, somewhat Science-Fictiony, H/W angst, although I do have to warn for a happier ending than I would have gone for. But you know me. A lot of really great insight into the relationship and some fairly disturbing (in a good way) moments along the way.

The Substance of Things by topaz_eyes. House/Wilson friendship/discussion fic. Both voices caught very well here. Another one that's a trifle fluffy for me, but I was feeling generous toward the end of the year.

I'm Not In Love by chocolate_frapp.

A lovely bit of dialogue between House and Wilson. Pure, painful angst, just the way I like it with a deliciously ouchie KEL. Double fudge brownie points for using a Song Lyric Prompt
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