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A Great Big Who-verse Pimp Post

Jack & Handy's Outer-Space Seafood Emporium by terraswrath

Complete and Total Crack, featuring Jack (and boy oh boy is he Real!Jack here), Alonso and "Handy." Not safe for work, simply because you will start cackling hysterically and have to come up with some explanation so your co-workers won't simply have you hauled away.

A Guy Walked Into a Bar by ebineez01

Jack/Alonso-The bar scene from Jack's POV. An excellent look into what Jack was thinking. Real!Jack to the max. :)

Guilt by samstjames

A lovely, painful little Post CoE snipper. Jack-centric w/ mentions of others.

You Don't Look The Same by rustydog

A great End of Time drabble from Harry Saxon's POV Bonus points for using a Song Lyric Prompt.

One Step At A Time by echo_fangirl

Absolutely beautiful Jack/Owen, post CoE. This made my Jack/Owen-loving heart absoultely sing, while breaking it a little bit too. Jack is a mess here, but in a real!Jack kind of way. Great depiction of the Ten/Jack dynamic as well.

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes by laurab1.

More Jack & Owen. This time it's good old bastard!Jack making his move on the new hire. Mrrrow.
The response to my request and it's wonderful.

This Charming Man by paperclipbitch.

YAY!!! Little Miss Paperclip returns to the Who-verse with yet another take on Lucy, who she writes brilliantly. Contains interesting interactions between Lucy and the Doctor, as well as Lucy and Martha. I'm an unabashed fangirl of paperclipbitch's style and characterization approach, so just imagine a lot of Squeeeee from me, when I saw she was back among us and when I read this.

Sins of the Fathers, Part III by samstjames.

Although the whole series is predicated on bastard!Jack and incest, this section is actually a very sweet Gwen/Rhys scene.

Unchangeable by lefaym
Not only is Jack real!Jack, but he's still real!Jack even when he's the Face of Boe. YES!!!
John Hart finds out exactly what his old friend can still do. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

Two Who-verse RPS recs:

Pretty In Pink by filthgoblin
John Simm/David Tennant
Because really, who wouldn't want to shag John Simm in a dress?

One more plug for Home and Away, written by dafnagreer.
John Barrowman/David Tennant, very much with Scott's knowledge and approval.
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