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Clearly the Dog Project is taking over my life...

Last night I dreamed I was trying to take a picture of a dog and I couldn't get my camera to work. I think I had too many pictures on it and I couldn't figure out how to delete any. This isn't completely untrue. I don't actually "know" which buttons to push. I just keep hitting stuff until I get to the delete option.

Then in the dream I was at some kind of family gathering (not my family) and there were dogs and I still couldn't get the pictures and I was begging for someone to help me with my camera and they wouldn't.

Also I ended up with someone else's camera which was white and expanded. Like you could push a button and it would go from a small square shape to a big rectangle.

Clearly my unconscious is telling me to learn how to use my own fucking camera and delete a few pictures before we head out today. I've got them all on my computer so there's no reason to have them on the camera anyway.
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