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In from doing about 7 miles.

I really wanted to go longer, but I kind of got beat down by the fog and rain. At least it wasn't really windy. It could very well be wet on race day. The last time I did the Kaiser 1/2 Marathon it was in the rain. However, on race day, there's the energy of the crowd to keep you going and the fact that pretty much nothing in the world feels worse than a DNF (Did Not Finish.)

Also, the single most important factor in finishing a run, is to get to the starting line healthy.


Ivan is supposed to come over tonight so we can all go out to dinner and then watch Waters of Mars and The End of Time. Ivan hasn't seen them yet because he's been swamped with school work. He also still hasn't seen Children of Earth because he's wary of the bleakness factor. I'll be interested to see his interpretation of Jack's scene in that light.


As if a Who-a-thon with Ivan wasn't enough fun, on Wednesday, I'm having a get-together with my three Barrowmania conversions from the Mint. Ben, Giovanni and David are coming over to watch the Barrowman Concert DVD. This should be a blast. David's been watching 1st Series Torchwood for the first time and he's totally sold on Jack/Owen, with no help from me, thank you very much. How much do I love him for that?
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