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TV Babble: Numb3rs, Bones, Heroes, 30 Rock

No Golden Globe for Hugh-again. :(

It's interesting that he essentially won for the first two years of the show, but hasn't since. That should reflect that the first two seasons were the best and the show's been on a downward slope ever since, but even when the show has been crap, Hugh's done amazing work--if you can't win an award for a full-on mental break-down something's wrong. I don't watch the other shows so I can't make snarky comments about who did and didn't deserve them. I've seen a bit of Dexter although not the most recent seasons. I'm tempted to wonder if he got a Butterfield 8 award, but I don't know what the timing of the announcement vs the voting period was like, so I'm just gonna give the foreign press kudos for NOT validating the wreckage of the show, even if it means that Hugh is being deprived of the award.

On the other hand, the Emmy thing is getting ridiculous. Come on already Emmy voters.


Numb3rs-Scratch & Arm in Arms

Scratch---was there a reason why both Amita and Colby were MIA for the whole episode besides making me ship them by believing they were far away having an awesome fling while this amazingly boring and predictable episode unfolded?

Arm in Arms.
OH PLEASE!!! I fucking hate episodes where characters lecture the bad guy and try to make him see the error of this ways and generally act like high-horse, stick-up-their-ass, self-righteous pricks, and this week the award goes to David Sinclaire. STFU DAVID!!!

Other than that---I can handle Charlie and Amita doing the cutsie, but god the sight of them actually kissing makes me want to spork my own eyes out, and was there any point whatsoever to the epic fail of the Don/Robin thing? Or was that Liz? I swear to god I still can't tell them apart even when they're in scenes together. Having one have to cheer-lead for the other is just embarrassing too.

Bones-The X in the File

Was there a case this week? ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Of all the interns, why did they decide to have Angela get hooked up with WENDELL??? Unless they deliberately put her into the least interesting, most chemistry-free pairing so that there won't be any Angela/Wendell shippers to piss off when they have her get back with Hodgens,

Seriously, in order I would have preferred Clark, Vincent Nigel-Murray, Daisy (hell, I could write that femslash with my eyes closed), Aristoo Vaziri (especially after the "accent" reveal), or Colin. OK, I was actually rooting for Angela/Sweets. Seriously though Angela/Wendell is a BIG non-starter for me, so I really am assuming it's meant to be as lack-luster as I think it is.

Heroes-Close to You

I love Greg Grunberg, but I think he needs to take a little weight off. He was looking seriously bulky this week and I worry about him if he has to do any serious running. Especially disturbing when Noah was looking so damn hot and sleek, and of course as soon as Noah and Matt are back in business together, I immediately want to ship them, which would be easier if Matt were back in fighting weight.

WAY TO GO MOHINDER!!! After the initial voice-over STFU, he was completely not an idiot for the entire episode. Whooooo-hooooo!!!! In fact, Ando, Monhinder and Hiro escaping from the institution was seriously awesome and adorable. And is it me or is Ando looking pretty hot lately? OT3 anybody?

Samuel is now back in the absolutely creepy, no redeeming features, wash the fucking dirt out from under your nails already, category.

Angela's "How do you know this woman?" came out far more jealous than it should have. Peter was an idiot. (So what else is new?) Smashing the cello was just not cool.

In spite of Noah looking so freaking hot and sexy, like take me now please! hot and sex, the whole Noah/not!Serena thing is not working for me, no matter how good her hair looks. You'd think I could get off on the fact that he's so clearly only doing it as a Clairbear replacement, but somehow the kiss was eye-spork time, YET AGAIN. I REALLY wish they'd done the hook up with Tracy instead. They had a certain amount of chemistry going there plus the on-screen history as opposed to the "ret-conned" back-ground for Noah and not!Serena.

I so happy to see my new OT3 show up, just to put the kibosh on that kiss going any further. All three of them have earned some MAJOR points with me. YOU GO MOHINDER!!!

30 Rock

I don't really have a lot of details to babble except they have THE BEST guest stars. OMG-James Franco! AND... I love Cheyenne Jackson.
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