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Social Butterfly-Includes Who-A-Thon report.

After my soggy run yesterday, I chilled out till about three and then went up to the Mint (with brief stop at Walgreens to pick up pills.) The Mint was a mob scene, because I'd completely forgotten it was Big Frank's birthday party. This in spite of getting the answer "Will I see you today?" in response to an email I'd sent him about us getting together for a movie.

Anyway, since Frank is in the Gay Men's Chorus, his party was full of Chorus Boys, which meant everybody there was singing and they were all awesome. I sang Abraham, Martin and John with Frank as a duet and spent the rest of my time hanging in the front of the bar with Jim. There was another group having a bday party and they were totally NOT COOL. There is some kind of karaoke etiquette. Having your group of 8 or 10 crowd the stage and take pictures and act like the whole bar is just there for your party and generally being obnoxious and shouting "shot, shot, shot!!!" does not meet any kind of standards for karaoke behavior. Even Daddy Dave was getting pissed, and that takes a lot. I really hope these cretins were tipping well, but I tend to doubt it.

Frank, by the way, did a Kick-ass version of Bad News in memory of Teddy Pendergrass.

I left at 530pm so I could get home for our get-together with Ivan. He got here around 615PM. We watched Waters of Mars, then went out for dinner at Il Cantuccio, then came home for End of Time parts 1 & 2.

I'll spare you the food-porn about Il Cantuccio, except for two words: Lingua Limon. OMFG!!!

Ivan, our resident history expert, also gave us a brief lesson on the background of Haiti, with side trips to Nicaragua and the involvement of the US Marines.

As for the Who-a-thon, watching with Ivan is a very different experience from any of my other on-line friends or even Hubby. Ivan is a hard-core sci-fi buff and ol' skool Who-fan starting with the Tom Baker days. He KNOWS his Who. When he asked who the woman was and I mentioned that there'd been speculation that it was Susan, he was like, "Yeah...that makes sense." His biggest geek-out moment was the mention of Rassilon. (His other favorite British Sci-fic series is Blakes 7.)

He generally does not ship or slash anything that is not on the screen in front of his face, so his interest in Capt. Jack is not predicated on who he does/doesn't love or is/isn't fucking. He also hasn't seen CoE, except for the last few minutes of Day 5 and has asked not to be spoiled. He enjoyed the "getting my reward" sections, especially the Joan Redfern bit, however he was disappointed with the Jack section because he felt that giving Jack a hook-up was too "cheap" for what the Doctor was doing in terms of everyone else. He felt the Doctor should have given Jack some hope for his own death because Jack's immortality has become such a burden.

He's not sure how he feels about Matt Smith yet, but is definitely looking forward to new companion. :)

In general, he tends to point out either scientific plot holes and places where RTD is offering homagesK stealing from other Sci-fi sources, but is mostly willing to go along for the ride, so no virulent RTD hatred at this gathering.


Frank and I are going to the movies tomorrow. We're going to see The Princess and the Frog.


Barrowmania get-together is on for Wednesday. All three Barrowmaniacs have re-confirmed.


It's been PISSING rain all morning. I'm home for MLK day and determined to put in some work on the Novel, but I might take a run out right now for errands while there appears to be a break in the weather.
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