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NCIS Babble for Flesh and Blood

I knew I forgot something!

We watched a LOT of TV on Saturday and it had already been a stressful day.

But a few words about....

Robert Wagner!!!

He's 79, so even if Tony was a late in life child, that seems a bit out of line and Wagner looks the age, BUT SO WHAT!!!???

Robert Fucking Wagner.

Alexander Mundy. OH MY GOD, did I have a crush on him back in the day.
And on Switch as Pete Ryan.
By the time Hart to Hart came along, I wasn't that into him.

Aside from the age, he was so right for this role and I loved the way he played the edge of pathos, but NEVER dived into it and I'm glad the script left him with dignity and the way he got to use the old smile.

The flirting with Ziva was delicious and you know she was seriously thinking about it.

Very, very nice.

I always love to see old pros do what they do best.

And as for the extremely shippy Gibbs/DiNozzo stuff---somebody definitely decided to throw those fangirls a tasty treat. I'm sure the theme was supposed to be how Gibbs is actually a better father figure than DiNozzo Jr. but even though I don't ship them, it didn't look like that to me at all. Of course I do wear slash glasses, so even if it's not my ship, I can see it if it's there and that last scene was seriously there.

Tony did NOT sleep on the couch.
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